How to Help Baby Stand Without Support

Standing is a big milestone for babies, but with a bit of patience and creativity on your part, I’m sure they’ll be rock steady in no time.

How to Help Baby Stand Without Support

First things first, you’ll wanna use the furniture around you to give them a leg up. Literally! Place them hands down against the couch or ottoman and slowly lessen how much you’re holding on. Heck, even an open cupboard or drawer works in a pinch. Praise them like mad when they find their balance. Could even give them a little clap!

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Next, go in holding their little hands yourself. Face them front and center so they can see you. Ease up on your grip as they take the weight, but be ready to catch them if they wobble. Make sure to cheer when they’re standing free as a bird. Might send them birds a tweet while you’re at it!

Don’t forget about using their natural curiosity against them. Place a shiny toy just out of reach so they wanna stand to grab it. Could even toss it close by so they give standing a go. Also, try lifting the toy up and down so they work on keeping balanced. They’ll be standing in no time to get their paws on it, I promise!

The key is keeping sessions positive but not too long. Babies get tired quick! So give lots of praise and cuddles between attempts. And always be on hand to catch them if they start to topple. They’ll be less afraid to try if they know you’ve got their back. Steadily challenge them a bit more each time to really boost their confidence.

See if an older sibling fancies giving you a hand too. Maybe they can stand holding hands with babe or walk around together for motivation. Social play is great natural encouragement at that age. Just keep an eye in case it all gets too lively!

With patience and the right approach, I’m sure your little ankle biter will be standing strong before you know it. Keep cheering them on and changing things up to keep them engaged. Celebrate every tiny victory like they just won the world cup! Soon enough they’ll be tearing around like a pro. You’ve got this mate, let me know if you need any other parent hacks along the way!

What are some signs that my baby is ready to start standing without support?

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Here are a few signs that your wee one might be ready to start standing without support:


Indicators of Progress
🏋️‍♀️ They’re less wobbly on their legs.
💪 Their core muscles are getting stronger.
🚶‍♀️ They lunge or take steps with assistance.
🦵 Their knees bend more naturally.
🙌 They pull up on things for support.
👥 They love to copy your actions.
🕰️ Their attention span is improving.

They can sit up unassisted – If they can hold themselves in a seated position without toppling over, that core strength will help with standing.

They’re pushing up on their arms – Around 7-9 months is when most bubs start pushing up when on their tummy or on all fours. This shows interest in being upright.

They’re standing with assistance – If they can bear some of their own weight when holding furniture or your hands, their little legs are getting stronger for standing solo.

They’re watching others stand – Babies are natural mimics. If they’re observing you or other kids standing, that curiosity will motivate them to join in too.

They’re trying to cruise – Around 8-10 months many tots start cruising while holding onto furniture for balance. This walking practice helps with standing stability.

Their ankle and knee strength is improving – See if they can lower into a squat safely or stand with only one hand holding them. Increased lower body control is a good sign.

Remember every baby develops at their own pace. But if your bonny bairn is hitting some of these milestones, they might just be ready to try standing without your hands. Keep encouragement positive and make it a fun discovery!


How to Help Baby Stand Without Support – Are they Ready?


Signs to Watch For
🪑 They can sit up unassisted.
🤸‍♀️ They’re pushing up on their arms during tummy time.
👶 They can bear some weight while standing with assistance.
👀 They’re keen on observing others standing.
🚶‍♂️ They’re trying to cruise while holding onto furniture.
🏋️‍♂️ Their ankle and knee strength is improving.

Here’s a few more signs that can indicate your ankle biter is getting close to standing on their own two feet unaided:

They’re less wobbly on their pins – As bubs practice standing with support, they’ll shake less and find their balance point faster. Steadiness is key!

Their tummy muscles have strength – A strong core means they can engage these muscles to counterbalance theirweight when they stand. Actions like sitting unassisted show this.

They lunge or take steps with help – Around 9 months some tots start lunging forward while holding on. This shows a desire to walk that will translate to standing too.

Their knees bend more naturally – Being able to lower and lift their legs in a bending, standing motion is an important physical milestone.

They pull up on things – Being able to stand even momentarily when holding low furniture or your hands puts them closer to doing it on their own.

They copy your actions – As they get more mobile, little mimics love standing next to you andCopying what you’re up to. Social Standing is very motivating at this age.

Their attention span is improving – If they can concentrate on an object just out of reach for longer, they’ll be more willing to stand to get the toy or book.

Ultimately trust your own judgement on your baby’s abilities. You know them best! With some encouraging practice at standing, before you know it they’ll be up on their feet unaided just like grownups. Cor, they grow up so fast, eh?

How to Help Baby Stand Without Support Safely

Safety Tips
🛡️ Babyproof your space thoroughly.
🛋️ Provide soft, padded flooring in key standing areas.
🤲 Always keep a hand on them until they’re confident.
🧣 Avoid loose clothes and accessories that could pose risks.
🚪 Keep small objects, cords, and hazards out of reach.
🧸 Consider using a door jumper or playpen for contained exploration.
⛔ Keep hazardous items far from their reach.
👁️ Stay vigilant and be prepared to step in if needed.

Safety is top priority once bub starts standing unassisted. A few things to keep in mind:

Babyproof, babyproof, babyproof! Make sure any furniture they can pull up on is stable and secured, sockets covered, chemicals locked away high. One slip could lead to a nasty bump.

Soft, padded flooring in key standing areas gives an extra layer of protection if they wobble or fall on their bum. No bare hard floors if you can avoid it.

Always keep one hand on them at first until they’re steady and confident on their pins. They’ll likely fall plenty at the beginning, so be prepared!

Watch out for hair, jewelry or loose clothes they could put in their gob or get caught on. Ill-fitting things are a suffocation risk.

Standing means faster movements that lead to new dangers. Keep small objects, cords, foods, pills, and breakables well out of reach overhead and under furniture.

Consider using a door jumper, playpen or exercise pen to give them a semi-contained standing space to discover walking in safety.

Better yet, have soft play areas gated off until they can reliably avoid dangers on their own. Babies can move quicker than you think!

Stay nearby, pay attention, and babyproof your space. With a bit of vigilance they’ll be burning off energy standing in no time safely.

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