Parents sometimes find it difficult to move around by carrying their babies. This job becomes more difficult when they have to carry a toddler who has not learned to walk yet. Holding or carrying the baby with a hand is really tiresome and hard to concentrate on work. To solve this problem parents are now moving towards the trend of using boba wrap. In this article, we will clear out the confusion of parents about how to put on Boba Wrap.

Know about What is Boba Wrap before Knowing about How to Put on Boba Wrap

Boba wrap is a stretchy piece of cloth that helps in holding the baby to reduce the hassle of parents. This helps to hold the baby around the chest of the parents and make them feel safe.

Now, more or less every parent of a newborn baby knows the benefits of a boba wrap. They even bought it but many of them are still confused about how to put on Boba Wrap. Sometimes parents get perplexed about the boba wrap carrying position as they are unknown of the way to put it on. It is hard for them to figure out how this single piece of soft
cloth could hold the baby.

To clear out all the confusion let us guide you on learning to put on boba wrap. Using this product will make the parents’ life easier as they do not have to struggle to carry their infants.

Know about the Weight Limit of Boba Wrap

Now, before wrapping your baby with a boba wrap, it is important to know the boba wrap weight limit to avoid accidents. It is totally safe for a baby from newborn to 18 months old who weighs not more than 35lbs. That means the fabric of boba wrap is strong and flexible enough to carry up to 35lbs of weight.

It is important to use the best baby protection for flying other than using random cheap products that might cause harm to the babies. Parents of babies with curly hair often struggle to manage the hair of the babies as they are hard to untangle.

Guide on How to Put on Boba Wrap

There are many boba wrap youtube video tutorials that show the method of wearing boba wrap. But some parents prefer to learn by reading instructions rather than watching videos.

Step 1
When you unfold the whole cloth then you will find a logo of boba wrap. You have to use that logo as a guide and put the logo in the position over your heart. This will place the boba wrap at the perfect position of your body and give you a good start.

Step 2
In this step, you have to bring the ends of the boba wrap behind your back by outstretching the cloth. This will give you a criss-cross shape after you bring the ends to your shoulder by crossing both ends. You have to make sure that the fabric of the boba wrap remains stretched so that it gets a tight grip.

Step 3
Now, in this step, you have to pull out both the ends of the cloth. By pulling out both the ends, you have to tuck them under the cloth which you made in step 1. That means tuck them under the cloth that has the label on it and make sure to keep the tension.

Step 4
Then in this step, you have to raise the label up to your chest by pulling down the ends of the cloth. You also have to make sure that the cloth part having the label on it gets attached to your body.

Step 5
With the ends of the cloth, you have to make a cross on your chest by taking the ends at your backs. After taking the ends behind the back of the waist part, you have to tie down a knot of both ends. If you see that there is a remaining part of clothes then you can bring the remaining part to the front. Then you can tie the remaining part and ensure double safety for your baby.

How to Place a Baby in the Boba Wrap

How to Put on Boba Wrap

After wrapping your body with the boba wrap then comes the question of boba wrap toddler. That means the process does not end with wrapping the boba wrap around your body. You also have to place your baby in the boba wrap to carry them around. Now, get familiar with the steps of wrapping a baby in the boba wrap by reading the steps mentioned below.

Step 1
At first, you have to pull down the part of the cloth from the chest that has the label on it. Then the criss-cross part will come out and you have to put the legs of your baby under that part.

Step 2
Then you have to spread the criss-cross part of the cloth around your baby to make a comfortable position. This will ensure a safe position if it covers the whole bottom and back of the baby. This has to be done with both of the shoulder pieces of the fabric.

Step 3
Now, you have to figure out the closest horizontal pass attached to your body to cover the legs of the baby.

Step 4
In this step, you have to pull up the part which you pulled down in step1. That means you have to pull up the part that has the label and cover the back part of the baby.


How long can you wear a baby in a Boba wrap?

The boba wrap was mainly made with the idea of carrying a baby in a comfortable and relaxed way. The actual and perfect timeline of using the boba wrap is for babies up to the age of 18 months old.

How tight should Boba wrap be?

The tightness of boba wrap should have to be at such a point that is comfortable for both parents and babies. You must ensure that the fabric is tightly attached to your body without having any space left. There is no need to leave any space as the fabric is elastic enough to place the baby comfortably.

Should I wash my Boba wrap before use?

Washing the boba wrap before use is not a mandatory step that one must follow. But it is better to wash it with cold water before using it as babies are sensitive in nature. It is important to know that the fabric of the Boba wrap is not suitable for bleaching.

Do baby carriers hurt the baby’s leg?

Putting the baby inside the boba wrap for a long time has a higher chance of hurting their leg. Also, if the baby is not paced in a proper position then it will cause problems in the growth of the body. This might result in hip dysplasia if proper instructions are not followed while wrapping the body.


Parents of newborns or toddlers up to 18 months now do not have to worry about carrying their babies. Boba wrap has made their work easier by letting them carry their babies in a comfortable way. Many parents are unaware of how to put on Boba Wrap and get confused about the product. Hopefully, this article will clear out their confusion as it has mentioned boba wrap instructions for toddlers.

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