In this article, we are going to talk about how to wash baby clothes by hand!

We all know that babies are innocent sports lovers. So, their clothes are dirtier. Their skin is much softer and more sensitive than adults. Their clothes should always be clean. Otherwise, they will quickly fall ill. You, as an ideal mother, must take care of your baby.

Their clothes should always be kept clean and tidy. According to expert mothers, since children get their clothes dirty very quickly and their clothes have to be disinfected very well, it is better to wash baby clothes by hand.

Must-Follow Proper Guidelines before Hand wash Baby Clothes:

Since children’s skin is susceptible, it is essential to be extra careful about their clothes while washing to ensure their health. Hand washes baby clothes for your convenience.

Now, I am sharing the complete guidelines about washing baby clothes by hand step by step. So, attentively read the full article.

wash baby clothes

Step-01: Clothes Selection and Preparation

First, the instructions written on the cloth must be washed well. Choose the dirty cloth carefully. Labels are attached to most baby clothes. Which usually describes a set of guidelines for washing them. For example, water temperature for washing baby’s clothes, type of detergent, and washing machine or hand washing. 

According to parenting experts, choosing clothes according to their washing instructions helps to clean quickly. 

Step-02: Wash your hands

Human hands come in contact with different germs throughout the day. So before cleaning your baby’s clothes, you must disinfect your hands with a well-known hand sanitizer or soap. 

Step-03: Choose the Right Detergent

Not all detergents are suitable for cleaning a baby’s clothes. Because most adult cleaning agents are reagents that can often cause rashes, allergies, and unexpected complications in a baby’s skin. So, you need to choose a non-chemical and environmentally friendly detergent, and not harmful to your baby’s sensitivities. Scented detergents cause significant damage to the baby’s nose. In that case, it is best to clean your baby’s clothes with a very mild detergent. So read the following directions very well: 

Now, Add suitable detergent: 

Add the recommended amount of detergent and make the sticky water phenotype. Then close the zipper, immerse once in each cloth rinse gently and rub the cloth well, especially on stained areas. If you think you can damage it, don’t stretch the fabric. Instead, twist them gently so that each part of the cloth is well cleaned.

Step-04: Pick the right water temperature.

What many may not know is that children’s clothing is mostly made of soft fibers and milder ingredients because of their very soft skin. When cleaning your baby’s clothes, gently wipe the clothes with your hands to avoid splitting. The high temperature used for cleaning it is hazardous for the baby to separate quickly. So read the following directions very well: 

1.Select water temperature: 

Select the recommended water temperature on the cloth label in a washing bucket of the water’s desired level. If you do not have any special instructions from the east, you can wash in cold or mild water with a temperature of about 35-40ºC. Ideal for washing baby underwear because it fights off any hard dirt and strong odors and makes the clothes germ-free. However, it should be noted that for regular clothes, cold water is sufficient. 

2. Mixing Detergent with Water: 

Please take the right amount of suitable detergent and mix it well with clean water. Usually, one tablespoon of detergent is enough to wash one bucket (15 L) of cloth. 

Step-05: Waiting for Some Minutes.

Dirt the cloth on the detergent and wait at least 20-30 minutes for the stains to soften. 

Step-06: Clean the cloth and keep it wet.

Carefully clean the baby’s clothes after the waiting period is over. Firstly, remove from the soapy water. Then rinse the bucket with clean water. Continue to do the ringing process until no foam is left on the fabric.  

Step-07: Properly Dried.

After washing clothes, let the clothes dry in the normal sun. However, be sure to place your clothes dryer in a place where the clothes are exposed to direct sunlight. Because sunlight is a natural disinfectant, you can easily dry baby clothes, diapers, or underwear in direct sunlight. 

You must make sure the clothes are completely dry; otherwise, it could be bacteria, fungal attack. 

Tips: Wash Before the First Wear 

Although new clothes are bought directly from the store, they are often unclean and unhealthy. So, your baby must wash them well before putting on new clothes. 


1. Can I wash my hand with a sweater?

Ans: All types of baby clothes by hand you can wash. You will be very happy to know that sweaters are more secure if you wash your hands. If there are stains or bad odors, you can soak the sweater in hot water with detergent for up to an hour.

2. What if the baby has skin allergies?

Ans: If your child has skin allergies, you must take special care in washing. To know about such circumstances, you need to follow the exact following:

Use Exclusive Baby Detergent: Use a baby detergent specially formulated for extra sensitive skin. If the allergy is mild, use liquid detergent because it washes out more quickly than powder-based ones. Use only hot water and sunlight to disinfect because hot water and sunlight are natural disinfectants.

3. How can I remove stains from fruits and vegetables?

There are three effective ways to remove these stains.

1st method: Try to clean the stain by washing it in cold water.

2nd method: Try to remove stains by mixing the garment with alcohol-water.

3rd method: For stubborn stains after laundering, you can remove the stains by soaking the garment in a prewash or a mixture of 1-part white vinegar and 1 part water.

Final Thought About How To Wash Baby Clothes By Hand

Babies have very sensitive skin, so everything they touch should be kept clean, from towels to bedding. Thinking about your child’s health, you need to be patient and wash your clothes.

Although it is difficult to wash baby clothes by hand, it is time-saving and beneficial.

So, hopefully, you will get tips and tricks about how to wash baby clothes by hand from our article. It will definitely help you to think about your kid’s health.

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